About Us


The mission of the Major Taylor Cycling Club of Oklahoma (MTCCOK) is to identify and develop new riders and promote good health and sportsmanship by supporting recreational and social cycling activities in the community.  MTCCOK has sole authority to charter MTCCOK chapters in the state of Oklahoma. 

All Riders are Welcome

We participate in road cycling and trail rides.  The Club is open to all age groups and ability levels.


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Major Taylor Cycling Club Oklahoma Officers

Myron O. Knight,

Linda Jackson

Vice President

Darlene Knight

Executive Secretary

Dr. Gwendolyn Gibson

Asst Secretary

Cynthia R. Knight, Treasurer

Greg “Woody” Woodson

Finance Manager

Christine Wilson, Membership Manager

Aquilah Ahmad

Asst Membership Manager

Joyce E. Smith, Parliamentarian 

Joanne M. Davis

Board Member at Large

Anthony T. Taylor

Board Member at Large

Major Taylor Cycling Club Oklahoma Committee Chairs

Valerie Helaire

Community Service


Zephenon “Zeno” Warrior, Advocacy 

Robbin Yelverton

Public Relations 

Ed Cantrell

Inventory Manager

Elbert Myles

Social Media